A continuity consultant can help facilitate virtualization in a business to enhance recovery time from a tech glitch or natural disaster

How continuity consultants can facilitate next level BCP with modern corporate technology

In the wake of immense digital penetration into the business world, there are a new series of benefits and challenges that must be regularly addressed by enterprise officials in any industry through their business continuity plan.

However, while taking this measure internally may put undue stress onto an internal staff – especially for smaller companies with fewer resources and employees – it would be wise to turn to business continuity consultants that can ensure an organization stays on track even in the wake of a technical malfunction or natural disaster.

For example, continuity consultants can help a business "virtualize" its infrastructure, creating digital versions of items that formerly only existed in physical form such as hardware platforms and storage devices. Consequently, should a company experience an outage at a primary site, it will be optimally prepared to move operations to a hot site with far fewer devices requiring transfer.

Moreover, continuity professionals can help facilitate a cloud computing infrastructure that can be designed to function on in-house, externally-hosted or hybrid servers so that the full scope of enterprise data can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Furthermore, by helping to ensure secure tunneling on remote networks, continuity consultants can provide valuable assistance in allowing employees to complete their daily tasks from home or at an equipped hot site with diminished worry of a privacy incident.

And with a cloud infrastructure, the ability to process industrial level information on mobile devices is optimized, further preventing extended service disruptions in the case of a glitch of natural disaster.

While individual consultation with these professionals is a viable option, it may also be wise for businesses to send representatives to attend the Continuity Insights Management Conference 2012 starting on April 16 in Scottsdale, Arizona. At this event, representatives will learn the crucial distinction between disaster recovery and business continuity planning, ensuring that resources are allocated to successfully address both procedures.