How to incorporate employees into a business continuity plan.

How to incorporate employees into a business continuity plan

There are many factors to consider when creating a business continuity plan, but one often overlooked aspect is the employees. Employees are an important asset to any company and leaving them out of a continuity plan can lead to disastrous results. 

Here are three things to consider when incorporating employees into a business continuity plan:

  • Employees come first. If something happens, often the first instinct is to perform a business assessment to see how the event will impact the company, but that can't happen without the staff to support that process. Make sure the crisis management team addresses employees first. Once they're taken care of, they'll be able to assist your company in other aspects of the continuity plan, ensuring quicker implementation. 
  • Education. While implementing a continuity plan, employee involvement is necessary to help restore your company to full operational status. Make sure your staff stays up to date with all of the plan's procedures. Periodic training sessions and live tests can help prepare them so they know exactly what to do when the moment arises. 
  • Communication. In the event of a disaster, strong intra​-company communication is imperative to a continuity plan's success. Set up a hotline or online forum that employees can visit to get the most up-to-date information on the recovery process. This will enable you to provide consistent messaging and eliminate guesswork or second-hand information. Afterwards, these tools can be used by staff to provide feedback on the recovery plan, allowing you to asses and alter it if needed. 

When creating a business continuity plan, hiring business continuity consultants can be helpful in simplifying these processes and ensuring that every need is met succinctly to minimize risk and damage in any crisis. These experts will provide advice on covering every natural and man-made risk to your company while ensuring you use the best vendors and services for associated protections.