How long can Malaysia Airlines go without an update on flight MH370 before it begins to damage its reputation?

Malaysia Airlines does its best to maintain business continuity

Over the weekend Malaysian Airlines flight number MH370 allegedly went missing. The Boeing 777 aircraft was en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, but communication with the plane was lost within two hours of takeoff, according to the Washington Post. 

Aviation and transportation officials from Malaysia, Vietnam, the United States and Australia have been working together to solve this mystery. In the meantime, Malaysia Airlines announced that all other flights will remain on schedule.

Did this approach instill confidence in Malaysia Airlines' customers? According to data from trading exchanges, the commercial airline provider's stock dropped 4 percent while manufacturer Boeing's trading value decreased 2.54 percent, Forbes Magazine reported. It has been four days since the the world has been notified about this situation and the problem is getting much more complicated.

First off, Malaysia Airlines has not confirmed aircraft debris has been identified, which has caused the company to increase its search zone to cover 27,000 miles. Aviation expert Richard Quest explained to CNN that having such limited information at this time can come off troublesome, especially to those who are directly affected by this problem.

"At this stage in the investigation and search and rescue, I would have expected to see by now a much more defined understanding of what the route was, where the plane was headed and a narrowing of the search consequent upon that," he said.

Aviation safety standards also require that every aircraft has a blackbox that records communication in the cockpit and another recorder contains all flight data. As of March 12, Malaysia Airlines has about 26 days or less before the battery life of the blackbox runs out.

Although these situations don't occur on a consistent basis, it is important that companies are prepared for just about anything. Business continuity consultants can help your organization tie a variety of loose ends.