Friends and family who have been waiting to hear an update about Flight MH370 will be able to receive text message updates.

Malaysia Airlines tries to restore confidence with text alerts

Earlier this month, we discussed how Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing while headed to Beijing from the country's capital. There are more than 200 passengers and crew members on the plane.

The investigation to identify anything from the Boeing 777 airplane hasn't been easy for the commercial air carrier or loved ones who know passengers that were on Flight MH370. Many members have been sitting in family support centers in Kuala Lumpur, hoping to find out additional information.

News media outlets all over the world have been reporting about the missing airplane, which has caused significant confusion for friends and family on the flight. As a way to maintain business continuity, Malaysia Airlines rolled out a text alerts system for friends and family affected by Flight MH370.

"Considering these challenges, our caregivers have informed the family members of the missing passengers and crew that we have taken the decision to continue to provide information and assistance through the further enhanced Family Support Center based in Kuala Lumpur which has been operational since March 8, 2014," Malaysia Airlines website reads.

By offering the text alerts system, some people who haven't been to work since the plane went missing may have the option to do so. These text messages serve as direct correspondence from Malaysia Airlines. However, if people still want to remain in the Family Support Center, they still have that option. Malaysia Airlines added that it will continue to offer counseling around the clock as well.

"[Malaysia Airlines] continues to work closely with the authorities and we appreciate the help we are receiving from all local and international agencies during this critical and traumatic period," the website stated.

Maintaining business continuity during these situations is not easy, but Malaysia Airlines' commitment is important to the aviation industry and its customers. Business continuity consultants can help other airlines establish their own emergency management action plans.