Several NBC websites were hacked into on Sunday, proving that even large companies will benefit from comprehensive risk management assessments that account for cybersecurity threats.

NBC website hacked but business resumption was quick

In an increasingly digital age, it's even more vital for companies across all industries to ensure that they have a business continuity plan that accounts for issues that may occur from a technological standpoint. That includes cybersecurity, as online attacks have become a common way for criminals to infiltrate a business.

This blog recently discussed Barnes & Noble's encounter with such an incident, as the retail bookstore had its credit card payment system hacked, possibly compromising the financial accounts of customers from 63 different stores across the nation. When businesses take the time to conduct comprehensive risk assessments across multiple areas, they will be better prepared for a multitude of possible events.

NBC latest victim of cyber attack

NBC was able to quickly recover from its own recent online attack, according to the Associated Press. Several of the network's websites were hacked on Sunday, by a person or group calling itself "pyknic." There was also a suggested connection to the cyber attack group Anonymous – known for widespread and high-profile infiltration of computer systems meant to embarrass governments, federal agencies and large corporate companies.

The message "Remember, remember the fifth of November," was posted on multiple sites, referring to Britain's celebration of Guy Fawkes' Day – a holiday that marks the failed attempt to destroy British Parliament in 1605. Anonymous has appropriated much of its symbolism to the holiday.

The news source reported, though, that the sub-sites seemed to be repaired quickly, and by Sunday evening, everything was functioning normally.

Business resumption is important for any company, whether it's recovery from a natural disaster or a cyber attack from a group of individuals. Working with a firm that specializes in business continuity consulting will ensure that regardless of the situation, an organization can resume daily operations as quickly as possible.