A recent FedEx study found that many small businesses are not prepared to deal with an emergency

Red Cross/FedEx study finds many small businesses not ready to cope with an emergency

Small businesses cannot afford to have their operations disrupted for prolonged periods of time. While the resources thrown behind larger corporate competitors may facilitate a product being offered at a lower rate, small businesses can oftentimes capitalize on enhanced service offerings. Consequently, failing to factor disaster recovery initiatives into a small company's business continuity plan to promote getting operations back on track soon after an emergency could have devastating consequences.

Nonetheless, it was recently reported in a press release that a new survey undertaken by the American Red Cross in partnership with FedEx Corporation found disaster recovery programs are largely being neglected.

For example, after surveying 200 small businesses by phone, just about half of the respondents mentioned they had not practiced their emergency drills nor allocated strategic employee protocols should a catastrophe manifest.

Furthermore, a vast majority of the respondents (77 percent) mentioned that they had not encouraged their employees to facilitate disaster preparedness plans in their homes to protect their family and property.

"Many small businesses put off disaster preparation because of concerns about lack of resources or expertise," said Rose Flenorl of FedEx Services. "But some simple, inexpensive steps can go a long way toward helping businesses be prepared if disaster strikes. The survey found that 77 percent of small businesses would be more likely to take action to prepare for disaster if they were provided with educational materials."

One excellent way for small business officials to procure the educational materials that would better prepare their organization for a disaster is by sending representatives to attend the World Conference on Disaster Management, taking place in late June 2012 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. By attending this event, representatives will enjoy detailed presentations for continuity experts to learn all about the best practices for enterprise-level disaster preparedness.