Customers will now be more fully informed about their McDonalds menu items, as the restaurant chain will soon post calorie counts for all foods.

Supreme Court pushes restaurant chains to post calorie counts

When the Supreme Court upheld the healthcare bill this summer, it also ensured that any restaurant with over 20 locations would need to eventually post calorie counts on their menus. While the exact date of this requirement has not been set, McDonalds announced on Wednesday that it was taking charge and will soon begin to post the amount of calories in its different products.

According to the New York Times, McDonalds is the largest eatery chain – 14,000 locations nationwide – to post its calorie counts. Panera Bread and its 1,500 bakery-cafes already post the amounts of its menu items.

"They are such a huge restaurant and there are so many people that eat their food, so this is a really positive step," Margo Wootan, director of nutrition policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest said to the Times. "It will help their customers get more familiar with calorie counts and make decisions about what they eat based on them, and it will probably improve McDonald's menu over time."

Additionally, McDonalds added healthier menu options, such as an egg white McMuffin and a grilled chicken option for the Happy Meal.

The fast food giant also initiated a "Favorites Under 400," where items on that menu are all less than 400 calories. Starting in the fall, employees will be able to participate in an e-learning program about nutrition, designed so workers can answer more customer questions about health and nutrition.  

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