Dust can make driving difficult, it is important to know the steps to take to prevent a future car accident.

Arizona dust storm caused 19-vehicle car accident

When people live in specific regions of the United states, they get used to the weather patterns that come along with it. In Arizona's case, they may experience severe monsoons in the summer and dust storms in the fall. Earlier this year, the state launched Monsoon Awareness Week as a way to improve continuity of operations planning.

In terms of dust storms however, Arizona resident Edward Martan told the Los Angeles Times  that everyone who lives in the area "just kind of accepts it," and avoids driving through low-visibility roads like Interstate 10.

"You can feel it," Martan said. "It's when a cool weather front comes through. You can just predict it. It's the same place every time. Milepost 214."

The fourth fatal car collision occurred in this area on October 31. The accident involved 19 automobiles, including tankers, passenger cars and 10 commercial vehicles. With zero visibility and 30 mile per hour winds, these accidents are inevitable–this crash caused 12 injuries and three deaths, according to the Associated Press.

"That area of I-10 is historically known for these blowing dust storms that come through," Department of Public Safety Officer Carrick Cook added.

Due to the nature of this part of the state, this weather concern is likely to continue appearing in the future. One way to reduce risk and increase safety is if local authorities near I-10 reach out to business continuity consultants. These professionals can create a comprehensive plan to  to educate visitors and residents about the dangers of traveling during a dust storm.