California residents are expected to see between 1 to 6 inches this weekend.

California residents excited, but worried about inclement weather

In 2013, the Golden State had 3 inches of rain for the whole year, even though the average is more than five times as much — totaling 17 inches.

These days, more residents and business owners have feared that their water supply would reach dismal levels by the spring, seeing how more than half of the state is going through an extreme drought, a local news station reported. After waiting weeks and months for a droplet of water, they will get their wish, getting anywhere from 1 to 6 inches of precipitation.

However, it's not all good news because parts of southern California may get hit with mudslides this weekend from the forests that were burned down in January, according to CBS Los Angeles. Localized flooding and clogged drainage systems are also possible. In Glendora specifically, people are keeping an eye on their surroundings while implementing as many continuity of operations plans as possible.

Jerry Martin, a homeowner who experienced the wrath of mudslides in Glendora in 2010, installed drains across his property and a block wall around his home. It may not be enough, but he believes that he has done all he can.

"The hill structure is pretty much [similar to] Devore and La Canada, and they had some pretty bad mudslides and so we were concerned about that," Griffin told CBS. 

Communities that have not taken the time to prepare for these situations may experience significant problems once the weekend's two storms pass.

Business continuity consultants can help government officials establish a strategy for any situations. Regardless of size of the operation, these professionals can provide insight on what should be accomplished before and after a weather event.