Regardless of a community's size, it's crucial that it has a current and comprehensive continuity of operations plan.

Continuity of operations planning necessary for communities of all sizes

It's not enough for companies to simply hope that if a natural disaster occurs, that they will be okay. After a thorough risk assessment, a business continuity plan can be established that will guarantee that regardless of what happens, quick business resumption will be the outcome.

When Hurricane Sandy swept across the East Coast, few were prepared for the full extent of the super storm. The Associated Press recently highlighted this issue, explaining that New York has actually had a law in effect since 1978 that required a standing state Disaster Preparedness Commission to meet at least twice a year to create and update disaster plans.

Additionally, reports from 2005, 2006 and 2010 were urgent. The meetings from 2006 specifically said that it's not a question of whether or not a hurricane will hit New York City, it's a question of when.

"I don't know that anyone believed," New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told the AP this past week. "We had never seen a storm like this. So it is very hard to anticipate something that you have never experienced."

Several administrations, including Cuomo's, convened many of the same agency heads to discuss emergency management.

Richard Brodsky, a former New York Democratic assemblyman served as chairman of the committee that created the 2006 report. He credits the administrations with making some improvements to the plan in recent years, such as requiring a specific plan to protect and evacuate the infirmed and to save pets.

Even so, Brodsky said that when it came to overall prevention and recovery – issues relating to Hurricane Sandy – more could have been done.

Partnering with a firm that specializes in continuity of operations planning will ensure that communities of all sizes will be fully prepared for a number of situations, including natural disasters. Comprehensive preparation will help all involved through the recovery process.