Intense weather can happen at any time of year, impacting businesses and residential areas.

How businesses and homeowners can prepare for the fall weather

Inclement weather can happen any time of the year. Communities that experience harsh conditions more often than others can stay prepared with an updated continuity of operations plan. Oftentimes, people may not think the fall season has the potential to cause as much damage as winter and summer, yet it is still important to have strategies in place.

AccuWeather compiled a list of natural disasters that may occur within the next three to four months. Businesses and households can benefit from this guide to help them get through the potential worst case scenario.

Hurricane season

In May, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (NOAA) predicted that there would be 13-19 hurricane depressions with 39 mph winds, which have the potential to develop into tropical storms or category-level systems. Since late-August, the Atlantic Ocean encountered five tropical depressions, according to the Weather Channel.

NOAA does not want residents to let their guard down yet because they are still 70 percent confident that the peak of hurricane season may turn out to be as active as they predicted three months ago. Last year, Hurricane Sandy made landfall in late October.

Early snowstorms

Much of the northern half of the United States will experience its first frost in late September or early October, according to AccuWeather. When morning temperatures reach the low- to mid- 30s, high or low pressure jet streams may cause snowstorms. They may not be as harsh as some winter storms, but emergency personnel need to be prepared to clean the roads.

During these months, trees are still full of leaves—this is problematic when snow falls. The weight of the flurries and leaves may cause power outages if they come in contact with nearby power lines.

Cities and towns can benefit from business continuity consultants who can help these communities create and develop the plans they need to withstand poor weather conditions.