Residents in a Massachusetts town are nervous about the possibility of dangerous chemicals being transported through the area.

Massachusetts town upset over chemical transportation plan

A continuity of operations plan is crucial not only for emergency personnel to be able to perform their jobs efficiently, but it is also designed to ensure the safety of all residents. When all parties understand how their individual actions can affect others, it could further strengthen their willingness to keep themselves up to date.

For one Massachusetts area though, residents are concerned about the possibility of an accident occurring. The actual evacuation plan is not yet in question, but individuals are concerned that their lives are in danger because of certain materials being transported near them. In situations like this, having current continuity of operations planning can put minds at ease.

According to The Boston Globe, residents in and near Chelsea, Massachusetts are nervous that Global Partners LP announced that it would be moving ethanol to its storage facility in Revere by Commuter Rail lines.

John Walkey, is a member of the Chelsea Creek Action Group, a coalition formed to prevent the move from happening. Walkey explained to the news source that "it's a disaster movie type of scenario."

"It's going to be going past two of the sites they're proposing for casinos," Walkey said. "All the different schools have been consolidated in Chelsea, and you've got all these brand-new schools that are right along these rail tracks."

Other residents cited the trains as being an easy target for terrorists, as they could cause a major explosion by hitting one of the ethanol tanks.

Regardless of what the Massachusetts government decides to do, towns across the country could benefit from working with a business continuity consultant who specializes in residential areas. When people know there is a current evacuation plan, it could reassure them that they will be safe through numerous events.