Areas of New Jersey that are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy were hit hard earlier this week from another severe storm. Continuity of operations planning is essential for all residential areas.

New Jersey continues to suffer from Hurricane Sandy damages

Hurricane Sandy proved to companies across the country that comprehensive business continuity planning is essential in order for them to stay operational through times of duress. With a thorough risk analysis, that accounts for severe weather, business resumption can be quick.

However, that point was further proven this week when New Jersey suffered another serious blow from a storm. Wednesday's Nor'easter pummeled the already damaged shoreline, dropping more than half a foot of snow in Sussex County and upwards of five inches of rain further south, according to The Star Ledger.

Nearly one dozen coastal communities – still attempting to rebuild after Sandy – reported tidal flooding. The news source added that dunes were breached in Mantoloking and the town of Sea Bright was cut off from the mainland for hours.

Mantoloking spokesperson Chris Nelson said that water from Barnegat Bay rose up over bulkheads and swept through residential areas.

"The current thinking is that there is so much ocean sand in the bay, that is displacing the water there," he said. "We are extremely vulnerable. Unless we get rolling on this, this is just going to keep happening and happening."

Sea Bright Mayor Dina Long said nearly the whole town was flooded "from top to bottom." The only accessible road – Ocean Avenue – was also blocked on Thursday, but was able to reopen around 11 a.m.

Joanne Garelli, who runs Steve’s Breakfast and Lunch restaurant with her husband, told the source that the latest storm didn't do much damage to her business, but it added to her frustrations following Sandy. Garelli said that everybody's numb and she doesn't know if they're going to be able to bounce back.

Without a continuity of operations plan, entire communities can greatly suffer. Partnering with a firm specializing in business continuity planning can help create a comprehensive plan that accounts for severe weather.