New York City nursing homes are still struggling to fully recover following the damages from Hurricane Sandy.

New York City nursing homes facing difficult recovery after hurricane

While Mother Nature is exceedingly unpredictable, organizations can still make necessary preparations to ensure that regardless of what happens, there will be quick business resumption following a storm. This blog has previously discussed the importance of companies making investments in comprehensive disaster recovery planning.

Even though Hurricane Sandy happened over two months ago, several companies are still in recovery mode, and some are having a difficult time getting back on their feet.

The Associated Press looked into the tribulations of New York City nursing homes, as these organizations are working hard to find adequate placements for patients while still ensuring quality care.

Rockaway Care Center in Queens was badly flooded from the storm, and the 190 patients have been moved to the 240-bed Bishop Hucles. According to the source, space is crowded and as a result, security has fallen below standards. One patient was able to wander off, unnoticed for almost 12 hours.

"It feels like a MASH unit here right now," a staff member who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of retribution told the AP. "People are working incredibly hard. The circumstance could not be more dire, and people are getting the best possible care we can manage."

According to New York state's Health Department, more than 6,200 residents and patients were evacuated from 47 nursing and adult care homes because of Hurricane Sandy. However, two-thirds of those patients left after the superstorm made landfall, which meant that many individuals left behind personal items and even their identification.

A comprehensive continuity of operations plan will account for businesses and organizations finding evacuation routes ensuring employees' and patient or customer safety. When the right preparations are made before a storm hits, the cleanup and recovery process can be much easier.