California officials have revealed a series of innovative technological advances that will enable the region to cope in extremely difficult conditions

San Diego officials unveil innovative disaster response technologies

For officials in California, disaster preparedness is likely a top priority on their agenda. With high rates of earthquakes and intense storms in the region, it is crucial for officials to design innovative initiatives to enhance communal preparedness and response in the case that a natural disaster is approaching or has struck.

Understanding the importance of regularly updating the strategic provisions in a municipality's continuity of operations plan, the San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E) recently unveiled new technology that will optimize readiness to deal with a catastrophe no matter how intense.

"Being prepared for a disaster is critical to the safety of our communities," said SDG&E's vice president of electric operations, David L. Geier. "Through collaboration with county, fire and local officials, we can implement programs that promote emergency preparedness and encourage safety for all residents of the region."

In order to accomplish this goal, a press release reports that SDG&E has developed a new mobile emergency command center and satellite communications system that deploy state-of-the-art Wi-Fi connection that can function through a range of severe incidents that would cripple less sophisticated platforms.

For example, the system will include high-definition cameras for optimized situational awareness, a mobile radio system and propane generator, advanced lighting capabilities and a satellite that affords high-speed mobile connectivity.

In order to deploy such highly developed emergency response resources, it would be wise for municipal officials to partner with a certified disaster preparedness consultation firm. These professionals can conduct a thorough analysis of a community's preparedness level to cope with a disaster and then make recommendations for the most useful technology that will provide invaluable relief assistance. Preparedness consultants can also help facilitate fully-equipped hot sites that can act as a fortified command center in the wake of a severe weather incident in the case that a primary facility is rendered inoperable.