Taking steps to protect a local community from man made attacks could save thousands of lives.

Why communities should look into protecting themselves from man made attacks

While natural disasters have the potential to pose a wide range of challenges to a business or community, they are not the only threat to maintaining continuity. Attacks from individuals or political groups have the potential to seriously impact a city's operations, which is why it is important to have a strategy in place for all residents and business owners — just in case a rare occurrence arises.

Based on terrorism-modeling software from Risk Management Solutions Inc. (RMS), this country is still susceptible from attacks from people or entities who do not like the United States government or its stance on international or domestic affairs. Despite measures taken to reduce the likelihood of an strike on home soil after September 11, 2001, another attack could still happen anywhere.

"Many natural catastrophes occur with relatively high frequency, the range of possible damages are better understood, and insurance companies can more accurately underwrite their loss potential," the report stated. "Successful large-scale terrorist attacks, however, are events that may only occur once a generation, or less."

Due to its lack of frequency, it may seem like a situation not as pertinent, but in 10  years, the U.S. government interrupted 30 plots that were made with the intention to harm Americans. Metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, Chicago San Francisco, Washington, D.C. and New York are the the most vulnerable to such situations due to their financial and political power in the nation, according to the San Francisco Business Times.

Monetary losses after a terror attack can be equally as devastating as those from hurricanes, earthquakes or wildfires. Based on more than 90,000 terrorism models, RMS realized that this country is not in the clear quite yet, and it may be worthwhile to look into ways to implement measures that could save lives. Business continuity consultants can help local governments design a plan and help residents prepare far in advance through table top exercises.