Kim Kardashian's recent divorce, and subsequent brand issues, may be of interest to business owners looking to adopt disaster recovery planning intiatives this year.

Business continuity planning can help a brand persevere

Some disasters can be seen coming from a mile away. For example, take reality TV star Kim Kardashian's recent marriage to NBA star Kris Humphries. The marriage, which lasted all of two months after a much-ballyhooed televised union, has since become an interesting case study for marketing experts, as the two parties have both been affected differently by the media exposure.

Kris Humphries went on to sign with the New Jersey Nets, and according to Forbes, his $8 million contract was more than $2 million above the salary of the average player. However, after the couple bifurcated, he has since averaged 13 points and 10 rebounds per game, proving to be a valuable resource on the court for his team.

In stark contrast, Kardashian has seen the ratings for her once beloved E! television show drop roughly 14 percent since the overexposure of the wedding and subsequent divorce. According to the news source, half a million regular viewers have tuned out when compared to figures from the previous season.

In addition, Kardashian's disaster has affected her viability for another source of her fame, magazine covers. The media outlet indicated that after running covers with the celeb, Us Weekly, Life & Style, OK! and In Touch report an estimated 18 percent drop in sales.

This same type of public response can be seen in the business world when companies fail to prepare for a disaster that may irritate customers. While clients and customers can be supportive to a company during a natural disaster, certain business continuity planning issues may not be forgiven as easily, especially when the company's errors in judgement affect the service that these individuals rely on for their day-to-day needs.

As such, businesses may want to prepare by going through tabletop exercises and other hands-on strategies that ensure every individual is in a position to help the company deal with the fallout from continuity issues that cause negative press.