A disaster recovery plan is necessary for businesses of all sizes, especially as computer systems become more prominent in daily operations.

Companies cannot expect to be exempt from data breaches

Recently, high profile government officials and celebrities fell victim to a data breach. If anything, small and medium-sized companies should take note, and ensure that their plans for disaster recovery are in place. Business resumption will be much quicker when organization heads have taken the time to establish a business continuity plan that accounts for online data security.

According to Reuters, President Barack Obama said earlier this week that U.S. authorities are investigating how hackers found and posted the personal information of individuals like his wife, Michelle Obama, Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears, among others, online.

Credit monitoring firm Equifax told the news source that some of the information was fraudulently obtained via a commonly used website for consumer credit reports. Data such as Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, addresses and credit reports of prominent Americans were allegedly posted.

"We should not be surprised that if we've got hackers that want to dig in and have a lot of resources, that they can access this information," Obama told ABC News. "Again, not sure how accurate but … you've got websites out there that tell people's credit card info. That's how sophisticated they are."

Small business disaster recovery can be crippling to a company that is unprepared for even the possibility of a security breach. Whether it is employee or customer information that is accessed, repairing hacked systems can take time. Additionally, as a business rebuilds, there could be less time for making profits. Building one's reputation back up to a strong level can also be difficult.

Partnering with business continuity consultants can help company leaders fine-tune their recovery plan, ensuring that it caters to the organization's day-to-day operations. When all employees are aware of what must be done for security, it will be much easier to maintain it.