As part of his 2016 federal budget proposal, President Obama included a 8.7 percent increase for FEMA, about a $1.06 billion increase.

Increased FEMA budget part of President’s 2016 proposal

As part of his 2016 federal budget proposal, President Obama included a 8.7 percent increase for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), about a $1.06 billion increase. According to FierceHomelandSecurity, the agency is requesting about $13.24 billion for its budget in the next fiscal year.

"[These funds are intended] to enhance current business processes, leverage innovative technologies and improve the delivery of services and the efficient and effective use of available resources,"a DHS budget summary reported. "For example, FEMA is transforming its physical workspace by shrinking its facilities footprint and emphasizing mobility, hoteling and telework for its employees."

According to the news source, the increased funds would go directly to assist with community disaster response and recovery. The Disaster Relief Fund would receive a $341 million increase, about 5 percent more than currently. The budget summary report indicated that the 2016 estimates would help cover estimates for all "past declared catastrophic events,"  such as Hurricane Sandy, as well as the "10-year obligation level for non-catastrophic disaster activity."

In addition to the $7.37 billion directed toward the Disaster Relief Fund, the budget would also provide $200 million in competitive grants for the National Pre-Disaster Mitigation Fund to state, local and tribal organizations. FEMA is also seeking to acquire $194 million for its Flood Hazard Mapping and Risk Analysis Program.

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