Working with business continuity consultants can help organizations create thorough education programs for employees, ensuring that all workers understand the latest security measures.

Minnesota DNR employee accesses information of 5,000 people

Many businesses account for the possibility of data breaches that occur when cyber criminals hack into their computer systems. Having intricate passwords and comprehensive firewalls are all necessary aspects to a thorough disaster recovery plan. However, organizations also need to prepare for when security is broken through by their own employees.

Properly educating workers on company protocol is important for businesses of all sizes. As technology is ever-evolving, it’s crucial to ensure that all workers are up-to-date on the latest security measures.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is in the headlines because of a possible internal data breach. According to Minnesota Public Radio, a DNR employee allegedly accessed the driving and motor vehicle records of 5,000 residents. Journalists, attorneys and state legislatures are just some of the workers who may have had their information read.

DNR spokesman Chris Niskane told the news source that the employee allegedly involved no longer works for the department, but he could not specify whether or not that person had been fired.

“We don’t have any tolerance for this kind of behavior,” Niskane said. “We take this responsibility pretty seriously and we’re looking into every possible avenue to ensure that it doesn’t happen again.”

Niskane added that the DNR believes that it is unlikely any malfeasance took place, but it’s the right thing to notify individuals of a possible security breach.

It is currently unclear why the information was read but Niskane said that “several hundred” DNR employees have a “business need-to-know'” that gives them access to the data.

Even when company workers are granted a certain level of security, it’s important that they understand how best to use that responsibility. Working with business continuity consultants can help an organization create a comprehensive training process and plan of recovery should any information fall into the wrong hands.