The Dallas Cowboys recently announced that they had implemented disaster recovery planning steps that would help better protect the organization's data.

NFL franchise invests in IT disaster recovery planning

While the Dallas Cowboys had their fair share of problems on the gridiron this past season, a new announcement from the storied franchise indicates it may soon have an easier time defending its IT systems, following a string of smart investments.

On January 12, the franchise indicated that it had taken steps to revamp the protection of its IT services. The Cowboys management said that this precaution would help the organization back up business data and avoid the loss of training footage that could be used to help the team achieve future victories on the field.

"We grew increasingly frustrated by the numerous hours of maintenance required by our archaic data tape backup system, which simply didn't offer the modern features and reliability to support our new virtualized data center," Bill Haggard, the director of Enterprise Infrastructure for the Dallas Cowboys, said in a statement.

In addition to these concerns, Haggard also suggested that the software should deter any major setbacks due to data loss, and potentially preserve copies of voice, data and video communications between the team management, players and the organization's fan base.

The Cowboys' decision to invest in disaster recovery planning services for their IT needs is an example of how no business is immune to the current problems companies face with data management. For example, recent studies have shown that data breaches – primarily the result of audacious hackers – have caused the essential data stored by education, business and healthcare companies to be compromised.

Due to these increasing need, companies that believe they are ill-prepared for an IT disaster may want to enlist an experienced consultant for a business impact analysis that could help them move forward with this planning.