Continuity consultants can help establish provisions to protect pets in the case of a natural disaster

Protecting pets in the case of an evacuation

With sophisticated weather tracking tools, municipalities can now provide citizens in local regions with advanced warning that a severe weather incident is imminent and to find the appropriate shelter with the appropriate emergency supplies.

While many municipalities have developed continuity of operations plans that factor in the necessity for advanced warning, preparedness initiatives could always use tightening under the watchful eye of continuity consultants.

With extensive experience helping businesses, governments and communities cope with a wide range of disaster circumstances, these professionals are an excellent resource to make sure that at-risk citizens receive optimal protection.

For example, many municipalities have recognized the difficulties experienced by the elderly should an evacuation be necessary and have turned to continuity consultants to facilitate the additional resources to ensure these citizens are properly cared for.

However, oftentimes there is another section of a community that requires assistance during a disaster that is overlooked: pets.

While preparedness programs frequently stress the importance of protecting one's family, it is often erroneously assumed that disaster relief personnel will be able to evacuate those animals that are left behind after an evacuation.

This is generally not the case though, and as such, continuity consultants can help make strategic partnerships with organizations like Animal Distress Services (ADS) to facilitate hot sites for pets in the case that an owner needs to evacuate their home. 

Professionals at groups like ADS can setup a fully-equipped location at which owners can continue to visit their animals and ensure they are properly cared for until the disaster is sorted out.

For additional information on the best practices for community assistance during a natural catastrophe, it would be wise for municipality officials to attend the "Sell It, Don't Tell It: Selling Continuity to Management, Executives, and Elected Officials" before the Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) International Conference in New Orleans from May 20 to 23. Registration can be done here