Winter-focused business continuity planning has never been so succinctly tested as it has this year.

Winter weather is putting the nation’s businesses to the test

Winter-focused business continuity planning has never been so succinctly tested as it has this year. With the northeastern United States bombarded with multiple snowstorms week after week and much of the rest of the nation affected by frigid temperatures and snow as well, disaster recovery efforts and continuity of operations plans have been implemented across the nation. For many companies, it was a lesson in how to better prepare in the future.

Winter weather presents many challenges that companies don't have to face any other time of the year, or rarely, if ever, for much of the South. However, the occasional freak storm can blow sub-freezing temperatures and snow through even Florida, leaving many stuck at home due to snow and ice, or without heat. Last year, Atlanta, Georgia, felt this threat when much of the city iced over, and this year nearly every state in the continental U.S. has experienced temperatures near or below freezing.

For businesses, particular small companies that rely on local customers, this weather can be a major threat to revenues and uninterrupted operations. From supply chain disruptions to literally having to shutter the doors due to statewide emergency notices, many firms have experienced lost revenue, power outages and more. The ability to cope with these situations and implement swift and comprehensive disaster recovery is essential, but many companies aren't prepared for the requirements of a winter weather crisis.

Putting a more comprehensive business continuity plan into place requires that businesses consider even the most unlikely of scenarios. For a firm in Florida or Texas, this might include getting a couple inches of snow and having roads freeze over. By investing in outsourced continuity consulting, a company can ensure all of their bases are covered and that their firm has a strategy in place for any disaster.