A California fire has already claimed the life of one man after he refused to leave his home, even though an evacuation order had been issued by the sheriff's department.

Hot sites are crucial for personal safety

This blog has previously mentioned how higher than normal temperatures in the summer months have had lasting effects on the nation's wilderness. Dry conditions have proved to be especially dangerous in certain areas, being highly susceptible to fires that will quickly spread and get out of control.

The Associated Press reported that one man has died and 11 homes were destroyed in San Diego County on Tuesday. According to the source, the deceased refused to leave his home, even as the dangerous blaze grew closer.

Fire spokesman Andy Menshek said that nearly 1,000 firefighters were called in to get the fire under control and that a dozen homes and 14 outbuildings were still at risk in the Tierra del Sol community.

"He chose to stay and that's sad," Menshek told the source. "That's why we issue these evacuations."

Sheriff's lieutenant Rose Kurupas told the newspaper that the man felt he would be okay if he stayed, even though the sheriff's department issued reverse 911 calls to notify residents that an evacuation order was in effect.

Officials said that the fire burned nearly four and a half square miles as of Sunday and was 55 percent contained. However, winds were picking up on Tuesday and could bring gusts up to 40 mph, which could cause a problem.

When natural disasters happen, it's often difficult for individuals or organizations to figure out a way to maintain their day-to-day operations. Companies would be wise to create a hot site for their business, which will ensure that everything will be able to run as smoothly as possible until an all clear is given and business resumption can occur.

Partnering with a business continuity consultant can assist in finding the best possible location so employees will be able to keep working while still staying safe.