A comprehensive risk assessment can help organizations across all industries work toward implementing workplace violence prevention programs.

North Carolina town seeks new security measures for government offices

Violence in the workplace is something that no business should ever experience. Comprehensive planning, paired with security measures and employee education can help make workplace violence prevention efforts a success.

North Carolina's Sampson Country is just one area that is determined to make sure that all government workers feel safe in their 9-to-5 positions. According to The Sampson Independent, 250 employees of country-owned and operated facilities expressed concern about violence in the workplace during a recent survey.

Specifically, 25 percent of respondents indicated they had been harassed by clients, with 5 percent stating they had been assaulted by clients. However, the parking lot lighting was an even greater concern, with 60 percent admitting that they were concerned about the security in various lots.

Heather Bonney, director of the Sampson-Clinton Public Libraries and chairman of the committee that conducted the survey, told the news source that solutions suggested include a no-cost policy implementation and training. More complex recommendations relating to construction and renovation were also suggested, along with potential personnel needs.

"Whatever measures, programs or personnel decisions are made as a result of this survey, it is recommended that the county establish a program to identify, monitor and address security issues continuously," Bonney said. "Without proper maintenance and adaptation, security initiatives may fail to address our ever-changing work environment."

Mark Strickland, director of the N.C. Justice Academy, said that it was commendable for county officials to be looking into risk management and improving security.

Certain government offices, like Social Services, face high-risk situations on a daily basis, while still having an open door policy, state commissioner Harry Parker told the news source. Without a comprehensive business continuity plan, it will be much more difficult to ensure workplace violence prevention strategies have the intended effect.