DRJ-Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis This study addresses the core business functions in the context of an extended business disruption. Sourced from the personnel executing the firm’s business functions, this analysis determines:

  • Critical Business Functions
  • Financial and non-financial impact
  • Maximum tolerable outage / Process Recovery Time Objectives
  • Priority of business recovery
  • Transaction flow linkages
  • Minimum required personnel resources
  • Technology Dependencies and Technology Recovery Time Objectives
  • Most vital records and outside resources.

KETCHConsulting will tailor a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to your business

Conduct survey and interview representatives of selected business units to identify their:

    • Critical business functions, resources, applications
    • Maximum tolerable outage
    • Transaction flow/linkages
    • Financial and non financial impact
    • Priority of business recovery
    • Most vital records and resources
    • RTOs / RPOs / RTAs
  • Facilitate Workshops – Department peers review of survey results to validate results and derive an Enterprise perspective of Critical Time Objectives

Lee Eisen, MBCP MBCI, National Practice Leader KETCHConsulting; 43 Years IT; 21 Years BCP/DR Founding member and past officer of Atlanta ACP Chapter