An Omaha bank’s reaction to an outside data breach shows the importance of disaster recovery planning

An Omaha bank reissues debit cards in response to an as yet disclosed data breach.

An Omaha bank’s quick response to an outside data breach is a great example of business continuity planning at work.

Remote access considerations: business continuity in winter

Here are four tips for allowing your employees to work from home during a storm.

Here are four suggestions to consider when adding allowing employee remote access this winter.

Benevolent software developer exposes security flaw in Kardashians’ websites

A benevolent user saves the Kardashians from leaking customer information on the internet.

The Kardashians almost leaked valuable customer data, but thanks to a benevolent user, the information was secured.

5 steps to take when developing a data recovery plan for hospitals

Here are five data recovery planning steps for hospitals.

Here are five ways hospitals can improve the data recovery portion of their business continuity plans.

Disaster recovery and business continuity trends

Three recent business continuity and disaster recovery trends that every company needs to consider.

Here are three recent business continuity and disaster recovery trends that every company needs to consider.

How to test a business continuity plan

How to test a business continuity plan.

Five steps to take when testing your business continuity plan.

5 data backup tips

Make sure your data is secure with these five tips.

5 tips to help you better create a data backup plan.

4 tips when performing a business impact analysis

4 tips to creating a business impact analysis.

4 tips to help your company craft a better business impact analysis.

Business continuity versus disaster recovery: why your company needs both

Why each of these plans are necessary for your business.

The differences between disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

3 business continuity planning mistakes to avoid

Three mistakes to avoid when creating a continuity plan for your business.

Three mistakes to avoid so that your business continuity plan will work in any situation. 

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