Companies without a continuity of operations plan have only themselves to blame

Being prepared for any crisis is vital to modern business operations.

With corporate awareness of natural disasters and business risk at an all time high, companies that don’t implement a business continuity plan and face a crisis have only themselves to blame when something goes wrong.

5 pitfalls in business continuity planning to avoid

Fearing a disaster is just one of the many setbacks that needs to be overcome in continuity planning.

Continuity of operations planning might be one of the most difficult tasks a business needs to accomplish.

Top 5 steps in continuity of operations planning for small businesses

Small business continuity can be trickier than that for larger enterprises.

Small businesses always have a tougher time of continuity of operations planning.

3 business continuity themes to pay attention to

Being prepared is half the fight for business continuity.

As 2014 draws to a close, companies need to be away of the trends occurring throughout the business continuity space.

5 tips for small business continuity efforts

Small business owners may find continuity of operations planning a greater challenge than they expected.

Small businesses often have a harder time advancing their business continuity plans because they have less resources to work with, fewer employees and small budgets.

3 steps in small business continuity of operations planning

Don't be unprepared for a crisis, make sure to assess and test business systems regularly.

Business continuity planning needs are different for small businesses than larger enterprises, and making sure to meet these unique needs requires careful assessment of risk and recovery requirements.

Incorporate more scenario-based analysis for greater efficient business continuity

Scenario-specific business impact analysis is an essential part of high-quality continuity planning.

One step in achieving more efficient continuity of operations planning is to focus on scenario-based analysis, rather than broad recovery efforts.

Proper management key to handling outsourced services during a disaster

The cloud is just one option for outsourcing services to support disaster recovery efforts.

It can be easy to prepare internally for a disaster, but when outsourced services come into play, business continuity planning can become significantly more complicated.

Make your business continuity plan adaptive, not reactive

The cloud provides significant value in a business continuity strategy.

Companies need to start focusing on making their disaster recovery strategies adaptive, rather than reactive.

Top 3 mistakes CEOs make during a disaster

Avoid common mistakes to optimize business continuity.

During any disaster, it’s nearly impossible not to make a mistake. Business continuity is often about minimizing mistakes and their impact just as much as it is optimizing recovery.

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