Colorado wildfires leaves uncertainty for businesses, residents

Those familiar with wildfires should establish hot sites to keep businesses open during these times.

Having a continuity of operations plan that helps residents and business across the board is essential for all towns.

Arizona prepares for monsoon season

Arizona residents develop evacuation plans during Monsoon Awareness Week

Many of Arizona’s public agencies are involved with Monsoon Awareness Week to help residents have an adequate continuity of operations plan.

California likely to see heavy wildfire season

With a heavy wildfire season predicted, California business owners need to ensure they have a current business continuity plan.

Since the beginning of 2013, state fire crews have responded to more than 680 wildfires, which is 200 more than average for the period.

Midwest hit by massive April storm, proves need for emergency planning

Towns of all sizes need to have a continuity of operations plan, ensuring residents' safety.

When strong storm systems like this occur, it is beneficial for towns and cities of all sizes when they have a current continuity of operations plan.

Charlotte officials update town continuity of operations plan

Charlotte, North Carolina is working toward updating its continuity of operations plan for emergency evacuations.

Emergency workers are altering the routes to account for road changes and new buildings in uptown Charlotte, North Carolina.

Pacific Northwest pelted by winter storm

Wintry conditions are one reason why companies should ensure they have an updated business continuity plan, as this allows daily operations to occur, even if employees cannot make it into the office.

As employees might need to travel to work, it’s important for companies to have an up-to-date business continuity plan that accounts for the possibility of adverse weather.

Hurricane Sandy brings East coast to a halt

Organization decision makers need to ensure that an up-to-date business continuity plan is in place, as that will allow business resumption to happen more quickly following major storms.

As reported by the Associated Press, President Barack Obama issued a state of emergency for Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, authorizing federal relief work to begin well ahead of time.

Disaster recovery planning can speed along business resumption

When major highways are shut down, either because of Mother Nature or other events, it can affect businesses by forcing employees to work from home or find alternate routes to work.

As reported by the Associated Press, a massive dust storm swept over northern Oklahoma on Thursday, forcing a major highway to shut down after lowering visibility and causing a multi-vehicle accident.

Hot sites are crucial for personal safety

A California fire has already claimed the life of one man after he refused to leave his home, even though an evacuation order had been issued by the sheriff's department.

The Associated Press reported that one man has died and 11 homes were destroyed in San Diego County on Tuesday. According to the source, the deceased refused to leave his home, even as the dangerous blaze grew closer.

Massachusetts school evacuates after multiple gas leaks

Medway High School was forced to evacuate all students, staff and faculty members after a gas leak last Thursday. It took firefighters three hours to clear the scene but reports said class would be able to resume normally on Friday.

It took firefighters three hours to completely clear the scene after first finding the leaks, monitoring gas levels, ventilating the school and treating people on site.

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