North Carolina town seeks new security measures for government offices

A comprehensive risk assessment can help organizations across all industries work toward implementing workplace violence prevention programs.

North Carolina’s Sampson Country is just one area that is determined to make sure that all government workers feel safe in their 9-to-5 positions. According to The Sampson Independent, 250 employees of country-owned and operated facilities expressed concern about violence in the workplace.

Report: Workplace violence on the rise, companies must remain diligent

In order for employees to remain productive, they have to feel that their working environment is safe and able to help them thrive on an individual level.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said that nearly 17 percent of all workplace fatalities in 2011 were the result of workplace violence.

OSHA fines Mississippi correctional facility for workplace violence

A Mississippi correctional facility was fined by OSHA after failing to take measures to ensure employee safety, even after an investigation in 2011.

The proposed penalties total $104,100 and include one willful violation, where employees were exposed to workplace violence and the facility failed to take adequate measures to reduce violence after a December 2011 investigation.

Cheshire school stages hostage scenario to prepare students, faculty

Students, faculty and first responders can all benefit from lockdown training

Simple tabletop exercises can help individuals better plan and prepare for an emergency situation

New study examines prevalence of workplace violence in federal organizations

A recent study assessed the workplace violence risk for federal government organizations

Catalyzed by statistics that found incidents of workplace violence to be higher in state and local governments as opposed to private-sector organizations, the researchers determined that all federal government organizations are equally at risk for a violent incident.

Tennessee officials develop education plan to foster workplace violence awareness

Tennessee officials recently partnered to develop a seminary with the goal of generating workplace violence awareness

According to Brent O’Bryan of AlliedBarton’s Learning & Development department, nearly two million Americans’ lives are impacted by a workplace violence incident, and that the awareness and education fostered through similar seminars can serve to lower that statistic.

Forest Financial Group creates workplace violence preparedness division

Forest Financial recently developed a division devoted entirely to workplace violence preparation and training

All too often, business officials may only associate the concept of workplace violence with a disgruntled employee being pushed to a critical tipping point at which point his or her frustration boils over into a violent incident.

Corporate negligence leads to workplace casualty

A pharmacy employee lost her life after her employers repeatedly ignored worries about a violent co-worker

Business officials must understand that the safety of their employees is of paramount importance and as such, they must be willing to take the time to update business continuity plans to address workplace violence preparedness.

Nursing homes reported to have highest workplace violence rates

It has been reported that nursing homes have the highest rate of workplace violence in the country

It may be surprising to note that nursing homes have the highest rates of workplace violence in the country.

Workplace bullying more pervasive than one may imagine

It has been reported that bullying is still as pervasive in the workplace as it was on the playground

Bullying continues to be pervasive even as children grow into adults and enter the workforce.

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