Business Impact Analysis

This study addresses the core business functions in the context of an extended business disruption.

Sourced from the personnel executing the firm’s business functions, this analysis determines:

* Critical Business Functions

* Financial and non financial impact

* Maximum tolerable outage / Process Recovery Time Objectives

* Priority of business recovery

* Transaction flow linkages

* Minimum required personnel resources

* Technology Dependencies and Technology Recovery Time Objectives

* Most vital records and outside resources.

KETCHConsulting will tailor a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) to your business

* Conduct survey and interview representatives of selected business units to identify their:

o Critical business functions, resources, applications

o Maximum tolerable outage

o Transaction flow/linkages

o Financial and non financial impact

o Priority of business recovery

o Most vital records and resources

o RTOs / RPOs / RTAs

* Facilitate Workshops – Department peers review of survey results to validate results and derive an Enterprise perspective of Critical Time Objectives