Executive Continuity Planning

Executive Continuity Planning

Lee Eisen, MBCP, MBCI, Senior Consultant

After a disaster, one of the keys to maintaining your firm’s ability to operate, as well as mitigating stock price fluctuations, is ensuring the executives and key senior staff are available to communicate to stakeholders and make decisions that will “steer your firm safely through the rocky waters.”

Accomplishing this requires a plan that enables a transition from normal operations at headquarter to one or multiple alternative work venues.  The plan must be developed and validated before disaster occurs.

KETCHConsulting staff has significant experience providing the following services:

  • Alternative headquarters
          • An alternative HQ that is quickly available and properly provisioned to avoid delays or the appearance of turmoil
  • Transportation and lodging for executives and senior management along with their families
          • The executives may be traveling and need to know their families are safe as well as the best way to get tot the alternative HQ
          • In a regional disaster, this often includes helping the executive’s families relocate to safety
  • Crisis management planning and its related media training for the C-Suite
  • Succession planning – working with C-Suite to ensure seamless transition of command
  • Communications
          • Communication to executive’s management team along with other internal stakeholders to determine their safety and availability
          • Outreach to external stakeholders – critical business partners, key customers, etc.
          • Coordinated and accurate communication to government regulators, banks, and security analysts
          • Keeping the Board of Directors informed
          • Accurate information flow from trusted sources as events unfold at the disaster site
  • Critical business information and operational requirements for the first 48 hours after the incident
  • Personal information that may not be easily available during a crisis such a prescriptions, family contact information, etc.
  • KETCHConsulting focuses on the executive’s human needs.  Knowing their family is safe, their medical need and other personal need are taken care of allows the executive to concentrate on working to restore their firm’s health.