Hot Site Contract Negotiations

Why Your Organization Should Hire KETCHConsulting to Negotiate Your Hot Site Contracts

1. Guaranteed Results – If KETCHConsulting doesn’t save you money, you owe nothing.

2. Extensive experience – Ted Brown, CBCP, CBCV, President of KETCHConsulting, has negotiated thousands of Hot Site Contracts. The average BCP professional (i.e., client) has negotiated one or two. Mr. Brown, prior to his retirement as a Hot Site executive, had responsibility for $500 Million in Hot Site contracts.

3. Personal Involvement – Mr. Brown, himself, not one of his consultants, will handle your organization’s negotiations.

4. Knowledge from a vendor’s perspective – Hot site vendors have hundreds of lawyers, contract specialists, negotiators, pricers, administrative support, management, sales people and systems, who create, evaluate, update and modify contracts.

5. KETCHConsulting can “level the playing field” and reduce the vendor’s advantage.

6. Present you with “both sides” of pricing (current and future), technology, guarantees, price increases, automatic renewals, recommended contract length, early termination options, “quantity” discounts, declaration decisions, declaration fees, usage fees, test fees and test scheduling, failed test penalties, packaging other services, upgrades, extensions, etc.

7. In fact, one recent client (a reference) said, “The savings that you helped us negotiate ($12K/mo.) were great. But your real value was helping us to know what was reasonable to ask for in terms of T’s and C’s, functionality, etc.”

8. Real customers have saved real money. Client A was paying their Hot Site vendor $50k/month. With our assistance, they stayed with the same vendor for $20K/month. Client B had multiple Hot Site proposals. With our assistance, all vendors cut their price at least in half. Client C changed Hot Site vendors going from $21K/month to $15K/month including a “free” Strohl license worth $4K/month.

9. References are available upon request.

10. “You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”