People Recovery

People Recovery

Historically, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans have focused on technology and data, with much less emphasis on the people component.

Now, many companies are recognizing that planning for, protecting, and recovering their employees in a crisis should be the highest priority – after all, the workforce is the organization’s most valuable asset.

KETCHConsulting’s approach to Business Unit Business Continuity Planning recognizes that people-focused Business Continuity planning must be fundamentally different than that of the historical technology and data approach. Our methodology reflects real people with real needs and includes the Human Resource issues of relocating personnel:

* Communications, accounting for people

* Family priorities

o Safety and Security

o Extended Family

o Pets

o Family communications

o Impact on school attendance

o Prescriptions

* Transportation

* Remote Housing

* BC planning tests for real people

* Can they find the alternate site?

* Will they come? Will they stay?

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Ted Brown, CBCP, President and CEO of KETCH Consulting has lectured, hosted webinars on the topic of “Human Concerns with Business Continuity” and published an article on this topic in the 2004-2005 Disaster Resource Guide.