Table Top Exercises

An Exercise in Business Continuity Preparedness

Are You Prepared to React?

Purpose of a Table Top Exercise

o Provide an opportunity to review the purpose and contents of your Business Continuity Plans

o Promote familiarity with your Business Continuity Plans

o Evaluate the feasibility of your Continuity Plans operational concepts

o Assess the vulnerability of your Continuity Plans to disaster circumstances

o Develop initial comments on the how today’s Business Continuity Plans may be adequate for an extended evacuation

o Explore concurrent activation of your Crisis Teams and Business Continuity Teams

KETCHConsulting will tailor a Table Top Exercise to your business

o Create a situation, scenario and injects which are appropriate for your Audience, your business, your location and the Maturity of your Business Continuity Program

o Likely operations, decisions and policies by your team and/or business unit are discussed and assessed

o At the conclusion, discussion will emphasize the experiences with the exercise and the affect on your Business Continuity Plan

o KETCHConsulting will follow the exercise with an “after action” report regarding modifications and improvements indicated.