Small Business Recovery

A natural disaster, data loss or other unforeseen occurrence can be devastating to business owners even under the best economic conditions. Due to this ever-present threat, small business owners – especially those who are new to running a company on their own – may want to rely on experts who can advise them on essential business functions that might be unfamiliar, such as business continuity planning.

Working with an experienced consulting firm can allow businesses that experience a work stoppage to have a smoother and more efficient small business recovery. One way these experts can assist businesses is by helping them streamline their efforts so planning can be completed in the initial stages and then updated as needed in a way that doesn’t impede the company’s essential day-to-day operations.

By setting the agenda for a company’s planning, consulting firms can help businesses tackle their data needs and attend to more brick-and-mortar matters such as setting protocols for transportation to and from hot sites and creating channels of communication via a coherent chain of command. There are processes that can make all the difference when businesses are faced with out-of-the-ordinary working conditions.

How proper data protection can lead to a full recovery
Since it’s the most common form of business disaster, many company owners and managers emphasize data loss protections. But, regardless of whether this problem is the result of errors made by employees, the attempts of high-tech hackers or a natural disaster, business owners can stay one step ahead through careful planning with an experienced advisor.

For example, by working with an experienced consulting firm, business owners who experience a data loss may be rewarded with a greater access to this essential work tool than they would have experienced otherwise. Business owners can then make use of this backup data from the off-site location, a preparation that could save the business money and time. An experienced consulting firm can also recommend data protection providers that have served clients to their satisfaction in the past, easing what could potentially be an exhaustive search.

Ensuring communication during the recovery process
Disaster recovery consulting firms can help small businesses refine their communications during the recovery process. For example, if for some reason individuals aren’t able to communicate on the agreed upon channels during a disaster, business owners could lose valuable time, and by extension, customers to another properly functioning service.

By working with a consultant service, however, business owners who experience a disaster may be better prepared with up-to-date contact information and protocol documents that can help workers get back on the same page quickly.

How KETCHConsulting can help with small business recovery
Since data protection and communication are only a few of the many steps owners and their employees need to consider when drafting their disaster plans, hiring an outside expert may be the best option for employers who want to ensure that the business leaves no important step unfulfilled.

At KETCHConsulting, their experienced staff understands that the best offense is a good a defense. As such, its employees can work together with a business’ existing risk management professionals and BCP personnel to draft the right strategy no matter what challenges a company faces following a potential disaster.

KETCHConsulting also offers continuity of operations planning solutions for government agencies and municipalities, as its team of experts is armed with the knowledge and advice these organizations need to prepare for any situation that could cause difficulties with their day-to-day operations.