The U.S. Small Business Administration is trying to raise disaster recovery awareness through online resources.

SBA offers small business recovery tips through webinars

Since small business owners often only have a handful of employees, most of the weight for the development of upper-level company strategies must be put on their shoulders. But, being a small business owner doesn't need to mean carrying this burden alone. For example, when it comes to disaster recovery planning, these individuals may benefit from seeking resources that can provide them with basic knowledge and following up this tutorial with outside consultation.

This December, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has been trying to increase awareness for this issue, as when disaster strikes, small business owners have to rely on their past decisions regarding insurance coverage, data protection, emergency power generation and medical emergency protocols to get them through a tough series of challenges.

The SBA is currently offering free information in the form of transcripts from industry professionals as well as downloadable podcasts that busy business owners can listen to on the go. These resources look to help business owners answer tough questions and get them thinking about their disaster planning, and how they can best prepare on their budget.

Those who are interested in attending any of the webinars offered by the SBA can turn to the organization's website to find information on when and where they can tune in. However, since space is limited even in online seminars, the SBA advises interested business owners to register well before the event.

Still, simply getting an overview of business continuity planning isn't enough.

After becoming familiar with some popular strategies and solutions, small business owners should turn to an experienced consulting firm that can help them by securing hot sites, preparing employees with table-top exercises and the tried-and-true advice that can help businesses recover after a disaster.