Business Continuity During a Healthcare Emergency

presented by Lee Eisen, MBCP, MBCI Senior Consultant, KETCHConsulting & Ted Brown, CBCP, CBCV, President & CEO, KETCHConsulting and Member of the CPM Hall of Fame

¨ Scenario:

o Biological or chemical agent is released into a densely populated area. Some people have entered the medical center causing contamination of some areas.

¨ Issues: (sample topics)

o Identifying, Isolating, and providing proper treatment for incoming victims

o Safety of staff, patients, and visitors

¨ Preparation before (sample topics)

o Security

o Alternate paths for navigating around the medical center

¨ Business Continuity Activities During (sample topics)

o Staff rotation

o Supply Chain (medications to cleaning supplies)

¨ Public Relations (sample topics)

o Crisis Management Team

o Post Cleanup – public assurance

¨ Incident Command (sample topics)

o Managing the response to contamination (team 1)

o Managing the healthcare delivery in continuity mode (team 2)

¨ Governance (sample topics)

o Drills and training

o Keeping Continuity Current