Real Plans for Real People: Satisfying the Human Concerns of Business Continuity

presented by Ted Brown, CBCP, CBCV, President & CEO, KETCHConsulting, and Member of the CPM Hall of Fame.

Many companies are recognizing that planning for employee continuity should be the highest priority – after all, the workforce is the organization’s most valuable asset.

In this free, one-hour seminar, you’ll find out why people-focused Business Continuity planning must be fundamentally different than that of the historical technology and data approach. We’ll also provide some useful BC planning steps that reflect real people with real needs.

* Ted Brown, CBCP, President and CEO of KETCHConsulting will highlight some of the specific human concerns of Business continuity that need to be addressed in your BCP.

* Mr. Brown will then provide insight into why communications is a highly critical element to satisfying the human concerns of BC. Some battle-tested communications best practices geared toward connecting, protecting, and accounting for the people that keep your organization running will be reviewed.