Selling BCP to Management

with specifics for Security, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, IT and more, presented by Ted Brown, CBCP, CBCV, President & CEO, KETCHConsulting, and Member of the CPM Hall of Fame. This is a more complete version of session 3.

Gaining management buy-in can be a challenge for the planning professional, and the problem most often is in the presentation: planners don’t sell the concept of BCP in a way to which executives can relate. This is an enhancement of a highly successful session from a previous CPM conference. In this session, learn how to handle objections, reference sell, understand the implications of Sarbanes-Oxley, tout BCP as another form of insurance, and gather allies within your corporation, develop a BCP ROI with actual numbers, and use the Internet to increase BCP awareness in order to obtain executive support for your corporate BCP efforts