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KETCHConsulting CEO Ted Brown nominated for lifetime achievement award

Ted Brown, President and CEO of KETCHConsulting, is one of five nominees for the Disaster Recovery Institute International's 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award.

"It is an honor and a privilege to be nominated by my peers for such a prestigious award," Brown said in a prepared statement.

The award will be presented at a gala on March 8 as part of the DRII's 2016 annual conference, held this year in Atlanta. The winner is selected by DRII members, who can vote online. Voting ends on Friday, Jan. 15.

In the nomination, DRII highlighted Brown's extensive career and experience in the field.

Brown retired from IBM in 1998 after a 30 year career with the company. During his tenure there, he served as one of IBM's first business continuity and recovery services executives. In the nine years before he retired, he led the recovery services’ growth from zero revenue to $500 million.

Following his career at IBM, he served as Vice President at Strohl Systems before founding KETCHConsulting. Throughout his career, he led the development of hundreds of business continuity plans and recoveries, each uniquely tailored to the client.

"We've worked with Ted and his team over the past two years to provide some necessary improvements to our organization's Business Continuity and Incident Management processes," Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Enterprise Community Partners James Polcaro said. "Thanks to Ted's extensive knowledge and experience, we've been successful in our transition from an environment where we had plenty of policy, but little understanding to one with full participation and commitment of all key stakeholders. Ted's insights and guidance throughout this process have been key components of our success."

In addition to his consulting work, Brown has shared his knowledge through other means. He has written and published articles in various industry sources, such as DRG and Directors and Boards. In addition, he's given lectures to thousands of business continuity and disaster recovery professionals at various conferences, including DRII, CPM, CI, DRJ, WCDM, CA World, EPICC, DVDRIEG, MADRA, Summit, BOMA, COMMON, DPMA, Survive, DRIE, CPE, ACP, NEDRIX, and 7x24 in North America, as well as conferences in Australia and Malaysia.

Throughout his career, he has made a lasting impact on those he has helped.

"Ted Brown helped us complete the first Business Impact Analysis for our $1 billion healthcare IT hosting and services company," Jim Blackwood, Director of IT at RecordTrak, said. "We had 100 percent participation from all of the Data Center constituents. Ted's years of success in DR/BC industry gives him the experience and the ability to ask the right questions. His knowledge and his personality enables him to connect with every participant in the room the techies in the back, the accountants and lawyers on the side and the C-level executives in the front. Ted speaks everyone's language. Completing the BIA was a challenge, but we were successful because we had Ted with us as we dug through the trenches to get all the information we needed."

A highlight of Brown's career was his devotion to the recovery efforts of the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Marilyn hit the area in Sept.1995. While there, he led the reconstruction of 120 buildings at the University of the Virgin Islands and assisted many families with getting help through FEMA and SBA. For his work, he was elected to the Contingency Planning and Management Hall of Fame.

In addition to his work at KETCHConsulting, Brown currently serves on the Board of Trustees at Pennsylvania State University, where he acts as Vice Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee and created the board's Risk Sub-committee.

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