From workplace violence to pandemic preparedness, risk assessment to business impact analysis, KETCHConsulting provides business continuity managers with the peace of mind that they can not only survive, but thrive, even when the largest of obstacles are thrown in their way and the odds of recovery seem long. Business Continuity Management helps make this possible.

Business Continuity Planning
It’s said that a rising tide raises all ships. However, vessels sink when disaster strikes and hulls leak. In the business realm, executives who encounter catastrophe can tread water by transitioning to an alternative workspace, but can rise above it all when they already have one established. KETCHConsulting provides the business continuity planning skills executives need to set up a standby workstation, keeping delays to a minimum and productivity to a maximum. In short, executives will learn how to keep their business afloat when icebergs strike.

Business Impact Analysis
Otherwise known as a BIA, business impact analysis serves as a data gathering tool, providing business continuity managers with an idea of their vulnerability to disaster and how long productivity may be interrupted as a result. KETCHConsulting’s business impact analysis is as comprehensive as it gets, with each custom created to suit a company’s priorities.

Risk Assessment
A risk assessment lays out the chances of a specific adverse event, disaster or catastrophe developing. KETCHConsulting services are multi-pronged, providing business continuity managers with a personnel security assessment, review of existing safeguards and what legal exposures exist.

Tabletop Exercises
What would an emergency situation look like? Tabletop exercises offer a glimpse by simulating a crisis. The tabletop exercises prepared by KETCHConsulting are tailored to business continuity managers, based on what they’re most likely to experience. They come with an “after action” report that addresses how to respond to these potential scenarios and where improvements can be made.

Governance, Risk and Compliance
Governance must ground every business continuity plan. KETCHConsulting can provide the foundation. Whether new management is coming into a business or a company is just launching, governance can provide the fuel to rounding out a successfully applied BC plan of action.

Incident & Crisis Management
Nearly 95 percent of workers consider their workplaces safe spaces, according to a 2016 Harris poll. But if an urgent situation were to transpire, one that affected their physical safety, almost a quarter would be at a loss for what to do.

Cyber Security
Whether it be in the form of ransomware, distributed denial of service attacks, phishing or so-called “drive-by downloads,” data is under assault from all corners, and the security community is trying its level best to keep up.

Workplace Violence
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 2 million American workers report being victimized by workplace violence each year. The best way to counter these incidents from occurring is with a good defense. KETCHConsulting provides workplace violence prevention consulting services, including program management, on-site crisis management, security training and workplace investigation.

Executive Buy-In Education & Training
There is no more important aspect to a successful Business Continuity Program than Executive Buy-in and Leadership. One of the best ways to ensure this is through Executive Education and Training.

People Recovery
A business’s physical structure may be composed of walls, but it’s foundation is grounded in its people. Competitors place their focus solely on the physical and data-related disaster recovery, but at KETCHConsulting, it’s the bigger picture. We provide organizations with the tools and training they need to ensure that their employees remain their most valuable asset

Alternative Strategies
When “Plan A” doesn’t work, there’s always “Plan B.” But what if neither of these options serve as the solution? That’s where alternative strategies come into play. KETCHConsulting Senior Business Continuity Consultants offers customized recovery alternatives, paired with the pluses and minuses that come along with them. This also includes how to implement alternative strategies into a business continuity framework or continuity plan of operations.

Pandemic Preparedness
Pandemics are appropriately titled, because when they break out, pandemonium can ensue. Of course, in reality, the “pan” in pandemic is Greek for “all,” an indication that a threat – usually a virus – has the potential to adversely affect vast numbers of people if it’s not contained.

Customized Offerings
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