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CI Learn to Create A Table Top Exercise And How To Conduct A Functional Exercise

$600 per person
Presenter: Ted Brown, President, and CEO of KETCHConsulting, is a recognized crisis management and business continuity industry leader
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This is a two part class. Part A is KETCHConsulting’s popular Tabletop class where you will be given four different, ready to execute, Power Point tabletop scenarios, including the injects, and you will learn how to: create a situation, scenario and injects for your audience, your business, your location and your BCP maturity. You’ll identify operations, decisions and policies that impact the ability of a business unit to execute plans. The exercise will end with conclusions and discussions that will change, emphasize, and otherwise affect your business continuity/COOP plan. You will conclude with an “after action” report that will leads to effective modifications and improvements to the plans being exercised.


 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. EST 10/1820
CI Part B You will learn how to conduct a Functional Exercise. Using what you learned in Part A, you will actually role play, using technology (Zoom), to conduct an exercise. You will be split into teams and asked to react to the scenario in a real-time fashion. Each team will have a different role and will make and document decisions based on the events as they unfold.
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