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If a crisis situation were to affect your workplace, would you know what to do? It’s not always the what that matters most during emergencies, but how you respond. Yet numerous polls suggest employees aren’t so sure about how they would react when adversity shows up.

Nearly 95 percent of workers consider their workplaces safe spaces, according to a 2016 Harris poll. But if an urgent situation were to transpire, one that affected their physical safety, almost a quarter would be at a loss for what to do. That share mirrors findings from a similar Harris poll done a year earlier, suggesting employers may not be providing their staff with the skills needed to be safe.

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That’s where crisis and incident management comes into play: two strategies that are similar but slightly different.

When you think of a crisis, you probably picture circumstances where people’s lives are in danger. While physical safety certainly falls under the traditional definition of “crisis,” in the business continuity domain, crises are anything that threatens the survival of a business’s good standing in the public eye, such as a scandal, safety recall or rumor that is adversely impacting reputations of the company or its key employees.

In short, effective crisis management enables businesses to bounce back, or altogether avoid, the sullying of reputations.

Incident management, on the other hand, concerns the response to and handling of emergencies that affect the quotidian nature of business dealings. These events include climate disasters, fires and other destructive incidents, but they can also involve a suspension of services. In short, incident management addresses the problems that adversely impact day-to-day operations.

The combination of these services is critical to a company’s resilience, and KETCHConsulting specializes in both.

Since our founding, KETCHConsulting has provided comprehensive crisis and incident management services to organizations all over the world. From pandemics that threaten safety to scandals that jeopardize reputations, KETCHConsulting provides customized recovery services to keep businesses nimble, minimizing productivity disruptions. Our service model is truly comprehensive, including:

  • Threat assessment of critical business functions.
  • Identifying specific risks that may be unique to individual industries.
  • Establishing protocols so workers understand how to respond to crises and incidents when they occur.
  • Communication planning for responding to concerns from customers, shareholders or clients.

At KETCHConsulting, we have the skills and experience to soften the blow when adversity arrives, whether dressed in crisis or incident clothing.

Contact the team at KETCHConsulting to learn more about how we can work with you on Incident and Crisis Management.  KETCHConsulting also teaches the BCI Mangement Course.

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