Business Impact Analysis

Emergencies happen all the time, often when they’re least expected. Indeed, more than 1 in 3 workers admit to not being prepared if an urgent situation happened at the workplace, according to the National Safety Council.

Business continuity managers have the same issues, as many haven’t taken the time necessary to determine how their company would function in the aftermath of a hurricane, tornado or other catastrophe. That’s where business impact analysis can help.

business impact analysis

KETCHConsulting specializes in the very business impact analysis steps (BIA) organizations require to become and remain resilient when the unexpected arrives at their doorstep. Using a variety of evaluative stress tests that assess business functions and risk tolerance, KETCHConsulting tailors BIAs to business continuity managers’ unique specifications. In so doing, business continuity managers can both qualify and quantify their continuity planning and implement the appropriate modifications. Here’s a partial list detailing some of the other benefits of business impact analysis:

  • Determining transaction flow linkages.
  • Critical business functions threat assessment.
  • Establishing minimum required personnel resources.
  • Analyzing technology dependencies and technology recover time objectives.
  • RTOs/RPOs/RTAs.

KETCHConsulting helps keep businesses afloat when disaster strikes. Through business impact analysis, organizations can successfully wade through choppy waters when the high tide rolls in.

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