Disaster Recovery

With reams of data just a point and click away, the world has never been more interconnected. The explosion of information technology has led to massive increases in hiring, with firms around the country looking to appoint IT professionals to safeguard computer systems and tighten security measures. But in today’s world where cyberattacks proliferate, no company is complete without a Disaster Recovery Plan.

This is where KETCHConsulting specializes, providing the peace of mind companies need to stay above the fray when threats develop. While we specialize in custom-created DRP, we aim to work with technologists so DRP frameworks are as tailored to a business’ structure as possible. From governance to maintenance to recovery for specific tasks, these procedures are highly interchangeable, meaning they can be easily swapped out with replacements when threats change or security measures become more intelligent.

Services Disaster Recovery

Security threats never stay neutral. Although they may be contained and controlled, understanding this reality, KETCHConsulting is happy to facilitate interactive workshops on a rolling basis. Held throughout the year, these workshops give technologists the intelligence and insight they need to remain ahead of the hacking curve. Unlike other DRP service providers, where classes are sold separately, these ongoing workshops are built into KETCHConsulting’s DRP support service model.

Some of our other DRP support includes:

  • Identifying the disaster risk factors unique to the client or industry.
  • Assessing the existing DRP framework (if applicable) and how it aligns with the strategy facilitated by KETCHConsulting.
  • Prioritizing the method of operations for recovery, as put forward after a previously performed business impact analysis assessment.
  • First-class access to KETCHConsulting DRP education sessions, available to the technologists of clients’ choosing. Workshops include escalation procedures, continuity management and mobilization.
  • Streamlining the recovery process by going over existing workflow procedures to avoid duplication.
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to KETCHConsulting team of disaster recovery and management experts, the majority of whom are Certified Business Continuity Professionals (CBCP).

DRP planning provides the IT capabilities businesses cannot only apply when disaster strikes, but realize almost immediately, even before there’s an incident. From identification of essential supporting processes, to establishing alternate work processes and locations for both in-office and remote workers, KETCHConsulting has the experience and knowledge for our clients to realize resiliency, before disaster ever strikes.

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