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There’s no doubt about it: Cyber warfare is proliferating. It seems like not a day goes by where some virus isn’t making the rounds, causing massive headaches and financial distress for those victimized – consumers and business continuity managers alike. Whether it be in the form of ransomware, distributed denial of service attacks, phishing or so-called “drive-by downloads,” data is under assault from all corners, and the security community is trying its level best to keep up. In fact, polling suggests that a majority of chief information security officers are worried they don’t have all the resources they need to detect when their company has been hacked.

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The business continuity industry has helped in this regard. Through the establishment of hot sites, business can maintain their private data by moving it to locations that are equipped with the resources needed to continue operations. Hot sites are crucial to disaster recovery planning and can stanch the bleeding when data is compromised.

That being said, hot sites aren’t exactly a dime a dozen. Much like New York real estate, space is limited and the contract negotiation process can be time consuming.

That’s where KETCHConsulting can help. Ted Brown, KETCHConsulting founder, president and CEO, has decades of experience not only in business continuity planning, but successful contract negotiations, brokering literally thousands of them over more than 40 years. Indeed, as a former hot site executive, Brown was responsible for an estimated $500 million in hot site contracts.

It’s Brown’s personal involvement in hot site contract negotiations that separates KETCHConsulting from its competitors. From start to finish, Brown will handle the process applying the proper leverage to negotiate from a position of strength. Hot site vendors are generally well capitalized, thereby putting them at a distinct advantage at the bargaining table. But Brown’s expertise helps to even the playing field, which former clients of his can attest to.

What’s more, business continuity managers are guaranteed to save themselves money, backed by KETCHConsulting’s satisfaction assurance. In summary, KETCHConsulting puts the entrepreneur in the hot site driver’s seat, not the other way around.

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