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KETCHConsulting helps businesses successfully execute contingency plans and recovery because and contingency and recovery planning is our only business.

For over fifteen years, KETCHConsulting, Inc. has been providing high quality, comprehensive crisis management and business continuity services to organizations in a variety of disciplines and industries. Founded by Ted Brown, a former IBM executive with 30 years of experience in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity, KETCHConsulting has worked for customers across the country and around the world. The organizations we have helped include university, major hospital chains, county governments, international retail chains, multinational manufacturers, and government bodies at the city, county, and state level.

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Certificates and Awards

Recognizes consultants who excel in the field of business continuity program management, use creative problem solving to tackle difficult issues, and instill a culture of continuity in every organization with which they work.

Honors the most experienced professionals in the industry for the stellar work they have done over the course of their careers. The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award is well-regarded among continuity professionals and has a track record of professional success and respect from peers in the field.

Hall of Fame nominations consist of individuals and vendors worthy of recognition for their outstanding contributions to the world of contingency planning and management. KETCHConsulting is fortunate to have been inducted as a business in 2007, following our founder’s induction in 2002.

As wide-ranging and far-reaching as KETCHConsulting clientele may be,  where KETCHConsulting really separates itself from its competitors is its breadth of knowledge and long-standing experience in providing business continuity services to companies, both on a consultation and implementation basis.

For example, Ted Brown has counseled and met with hundreds of senior executives over the course of his career, providing recovery plans for multi-billion dollar organizations and enterprises. Much of this experience was learned in the trenches, like when the US Virgin Islands was hit with a devastating hurricane that crippled the area, resulting in massive damage. The University of the Virgin Islands suffered a severe blow, with over one hundred buildings spread over three islands rendered uninhabitable.

hurricane damage
business continuity

Then a leader of IBM’s crisis response team, Brown and his crew went to work, providing hands-on services that turned a nightmare situation into a success story. In a matter of months, not years, several of UVI’s structures were redeveloped and tens of thousands of educational materials restored, despite computer systems being flooded. Brown’s tireless efforts were formally recognized in 2002, when he was elected to the Business Continuity Hall of Fame – a highly exclusive guild composed of individuals who have made significant contributions to the furtherance of business continuity.

Though the experience of KETCHConsulting’s CEO spans the globe, Brown is particularly proud of what he’s done at the community level. He currently serves as a member of the Penn State Board of Trustees, and has helped raise money for a plethora of non-profit organizations, charities and fraternities, including Theta Delta Chi, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Special Olympics.

Penn State gridiron

It’s Brown’s leadership and expertise that makes KETCHConsulting, Inc. as qualified in practice as it is on paper. For example, KETCHConsulting is the only national business continuity management and crisis management firm whose entire consultancy staff is certified both by the Disaster Recovery Institute International and Business Continuity Institute. In short, our certification qualifications are beyond reproach.

In addition to providing the products and services businesses need to be resilient in the face of adversity, KETCHConsulting gives professionals the knowledge they need to stay one step ahead. Indeed, KETCHConsulting teaches more classes and webinars than any other national crisis management consulting firm on the planet and is featured at a host of conferences in the typical year. These include the Disaster Recovery Journal in Orlando and the West, Continuity Insights Conferences in multiple locations and The Risk Management Society (RIMS). Some of the presentations have included How to Conduct Tabletop Exercises, Risk Assessment (RA) and Business  Impact Analysis (BIA).

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In short, KETCHConsulting helps businesses successfully execute contingency plans and recovery because and contingency and recovery planning is only business.

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