Small businesses can help the president meet his goals by investing in forward-thinking solutions that protect their ability to produce profits and jobs.

SOTU Address challenges business owners to contribute to national cause

In his January 24 State of the Union Address, President Barack Obama spoke about many subjects, including the economy, the nation's immigration policies and the country's ongoing fight against terrorism around the world. However, much of the president's speech focused on his efforts to inspire American businesses to contribute positively to the financial troubles many in the nation are now facing.

For example, he encouraged business owners in the high-tech and manufacturing industries to begin creating jobs in America. Citing the rising costs of operating in China as an advantage, he also pledged to develop tax breaks that could contribute positively to the bottom lines of companies that encourage this type of job growth.

"Tonight, my message to business leaders is simple:  Ask yourselves what you can do to bring jobs back to your country, and your country will do everything we can to help you succeed," he said in front of both legislative bodies.

He also cited examples of business owners who are now bringing their U.S.-based plants up to full capacity due in part to some of his administration's policies.

Still, business owners need to be profitable and operational in order to conduct hiring and lure the most talented applicants in America. As a result, small businesses that want to contribute to the cause may be well served by investing in forward-thinking solutions such as business continuity planning that can ensure they are unaffected by disasters and other unforeseen events.

By speaking with a continuity consultant who can draft a business impact analysis, for instance, company owners and managers can gain the skills of an expert well versed in the development of exercises that allow their employees and the company at large to be prepared when these types of situations arise.