KETCHConsulting President and CEO Ted Brown running for re-election

Congratulations to our President & CEO who was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Consultant of the Year Award in 2017, by the Disaster Recovery Institute International. Previously, no one has every received these two prestigious Awards together . We are all proud of Ted's accomplishments.

KETCHConsulting President and CEO Ted Brown running for re-election as a member of the Penn State Board of Trustees

KETCHConsulting President and CEO Ted Brown recently announced that he's running for re-election as a member of the Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees. Brown currently serves as the Vice Chair of the board's Audit and Risk Committee.

Brown first joined the board in 2013 and helped create its Risk Subcommittee. Since then the has taken his fiduciary responsibility to the school seriously, working tirelessly to improve the school.

In his first year, after hearing from other alumni and the parents of prospective students, he was the only board member to vote against a tuition increase. This past July, the board made a landmark decision to freeze tuition increases for the current school year, thanks to the efforts of Brown in convincing the board that the freeze was the first step in controlling education costs.

Brown has also been instrumental in the board's efforts to achieve justice for Joe Paterno. In November, Brown and the other alumni members of the board were successful in taking legal action to obtain the rights to review the Freeh Report and conduct their own investigation. Vindication for Paterno would take on added significance this year, as 2016 is the 50th anniversary of Paterno being named head coach and the 30th anniversary of his 1986 national championship.

Brown lives in central Pennsylvania and is recognized for his contribution to his community, including the Chamber of Commerce, adult literacy and special needs services.

Three of the board's alumni seats are up for re-election. In order to be named on the ballot in the April election, alumni must first nominate candidates. The nomination process runs from Jan. 15 through Feb. 25. Candidates who receive at least 250 nominations will be named on the ballot. While many alumni will be sent links to vote automatically through their email, those that don't can request a ballot using an online form.